Bliss Out

Bliss Out Retreats creates immersive ultra-inclusive getaways throughout the world by curating unique experiences in beautifully luxurious settings that serve as an inspiring backdrop for Mind & Body retreats.


UI/UX Design
User Testing
Print Design
Video Editing


Bliss Out started as a way for a yoga instructor to give her students deeper spiritual experiences while sharing her love for luxury travel. The company’s ultra-inclusive retreats included mixers, yoga and meditation sessions, daily excursions, massage treatments, international airfare, and even transportation to the airport.

My challenge was to create an e-commerce website to offer her retreat packages and explain all of the extras that were being offered. The retreats were relatively expensive, so it was important for the website to be secure and informative as well as visually appealing enough to attract travel customers. And the brand identity had to represent wellness, luxury, and travel.


The logo for Bliss Out had to be fun and modern. The logo will be printed on brochures and embroidered onto apparel in addition to appearing on the website, so I wanted to keep it flat and monotone. I decided the right cursive font would check all of the requirements, so it was just a matter of finding the correct one.

Or so I thought. I’ll get back to that shortly.

The company was initially going to be called “Blissed Out Retreats,” so the first round of logo designs uses that name. After I chose the font, I altered it to make it bolder and arching it slightly over the “RETREATS” subtitle. I also created some negative space in the cursive overlaps to make the letters more legible and unique. I suggested shortening the name to “Bliss Out” because it was shorter, and the brand was born.


The website was designed to compete with other travel and yoga retreat companies, so bold colorful photos of beautiful foreign places was a must. The UI had to attract visitors to the retreat locations and quickly inform them of the times, details and costs of everything involved.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the client developed a new product called Expeditions, which allows customers to take solo retreats. I designed the page to give a simple 3-step explanation of the process and display compelling calls-to-action for each destination.


The retreat itinerary was the final piece of the puzzle that tied the whole package together. It contained a schedule of the retreat, a map of the resort, background information on all of the excursions and activities, and an explanation of the theme of each day.


To promote the retreats, I created videos that showcased the destination and went over all of the trip details. The owner sent me audio recordings for the voiceover, and I used stock footage (and some personal travel video in one case) to produce a video promoting each retreat.