John Leufray

Digital Product Designer

City Auto Glass

April 2020

Visual Design / UX

Project Vision

City Auto Glass is the chain of locally owned and operated glass repair and replacement shops in the upper Midwest. After a rebrand, they needed a new website to go with their updated logo design. Insurance agents make up 97% of their business, but they also cater to all automobile owners.
Redesign current website to compete with their national competitor, Safelite. Feature their new free auto sanitation service for COVID-19 that disinfects customer vehicles.
Design a bright and inviting website that incorporates the new brand direction with modern web features. Allow customers to contact them quickly and easily find a nearby service location. City Auto Glass website on iPhone and iPad

User Cases

Stakeholders wanted the new website to maintain the structure of the existing one, while streamlining the process for customers to find and book service from local providers. They want to maintain their focus on insurance agents and include new services available for all customers.
City Auto Glass persona Jennifer


Insurance Agent, 41

Jennifer is an auto insurance agent whose customer needs glass replacement services. She wants to help her customer as quickly as possible, but since she requests glass replacement frequently she wants a streamlined process for requesting service.
City Auto Glass persona Todd


Uber driver, 35

Todd is an Uber driver who was driving on the highway when a rock hit his windshield. He doesn’t want to pick up any fares with a cracked windshield, so he needs to find glass repair services as soon as possible so he can get back to work.

Pain Points

Competitive Audit

The industry leader in glass replacement, the Safelite website was easy to navigate and understand for the consumer. Their website contained a lot of information in the interior pages, but it was organized well. What distinguishes City Auto Glass is their level of service and focus on insurance agents. So both of those differentiators needed to be apparent in the redesign.


The original homepage was pretty drab and didn’t serve the company’s business goals. They wanted to promote their new sanitization service for COVID-19, wanted more quote requests and phone calls, and they wanted insurance agents to have separate entry points to vehicle owners. The original search feature only worked if the customer knew their zip code, which they may be unaware of if they’re requesting service away from home.
City Auto Glass website before The redesigned page featured a carousel header on the homepage featuring the company’s sanitization services, which can be changed or added to based on future promotions. The phone number, search and request quote buttons were placed prominently at the top of the page. I gave insurance agents two different calls-to-action so they could easily navigate to the information they need. And I added testimonials to the bottom of the page as the company’s market differentiator is their personal service.

Usability Study Findings 

The usability study I conducted using the high-fidelity prototypes confirmed the aspects of the redesign that were successful.
  • Users think the new flow is easier and faster
  • Users like the map search feature


City Auto Glass website locations map page
Search nearby locations
New map search and automatic location feature allows users to locate the closest provider quickly. City Auto Glass website home page
Get a quote fast
Prominent buttons for Get a Quote and Schedule an Appointment help speed up the booking process. City Auto Glass website blog page
Auto glass safety blog
New blog feature allows City Auto Glass to post articles to promote their industry expertise.


The City Auto Glass website was one of the few times that I was only tasked with visual design and UX. Their brand goals were pretty clear and I was able to deliver a redesign that they fell in love with. It was fun to collaborate with a team remotely and also gave me a good refresher in preparing assets for delivery to developers. Check out the website.

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