Staffast is a staffing app designed for medical institutions and professionals. Businesses can search and hire local temporary staff based on their profiles and ratings. And medical professionals can select jobs and manage their work schedules.


UI/UX Design


Staffast was started by a pharmacy manager to allow her pharmacy to have more flexibility in staffing than it was receiving from local staffing agencies. The other goal was to speed up the matching process, so both the medical professional and the employer can connect quickly.

The challenge I was tasked to accomplish was designing an intuitive and professional “Uber for Medical Staff” mobile app. The UX needed to streamline the entire process from registration to matching to payment.


The app was made to make medical staffing more efficient. The blue hues were selected as they are familiar to medical professionals, while the yellow accent was chosen to mimic the color of a highlighter. The UX was designed to allow users to intuitively navigate through the app.

It was apparent from the start that the medical employer looking to hire someone has a very different user flow than the medical professional seeking employment. So I separated the app between Professionals and Employers, giving each their own entry point and unique app features.

The Professionals channel allows medical practitioners like nurses, doctors and pharmacists to create a profile, set their own available hours and travel radius, and receive payment. Professionals are alerted any time a job is posted in their area within their field.

The Employers channel allows medical institutions like clinics, hospitals and pharmacies to post available jobs, locate staff, and send payment. Employers can accept or reject available professionals as quickly as they reply.

Initial wireframes for Staffast app