John Leufray

Digital Product Designer


February – May 2018

Brand Strategy / Visual Design / UX

Project Vision

Staffast is a staffing app designed for medical institutions and professionals. Healthcare businesses can search and hire local temporary staff based on their profiles and ratings. While medical professionals can select jobs and manage their work schedules all in one place.
Hospitals and pharmacies tend to face staffing shortages that can cripple their business and leave gaps in services for their patients. Medical professionals often seek part-time or temporary work to fit within their busy lives.
Staffast is a platform that connects short-staffed healthcare businesses to medical professionals seeking temporary employment.

Why Staffast?

Staffast was conceived by a pharmacy manager to allow her pharmacy to have more flexibility in staffing than it was receiving from local staffing agencies. The other goal was to speed up the matching process, so both the medical professional and the employer can connect quickly. The challenge I was tasked to accomplish was designing an intuitive and professional “Uber for Medical Staff” mobile app. The UX needed to streamline the entire process from registration to matching to payment.

User Cases

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. The primary user group was staff managers at healthcare businesses. A secondary user group identified was medical professionals seeking temporary employment. Initial research revealed that employers wanted to locate staff in real-time, get flat fee pricing, and manage payments directly through the app. Medical professionals wanted the ability to set their own schedules and work areas and receive alerts so they know when jobs are available.


Pharmacist, 31

Amy is a retail pharmacist who just moved back to her hometown to take care of her aging parents. She’s looking for a temporary job because she doesn’t have many professional contacts in town and she doesn’t have time to make a full-time commitment.


Clinic Manager, 44

Jonathan is the manager at an outpatient clinic. His most in-demand physician is on vacation and several other staff members called in sick at the last minute. He needs to find reliable medical professionals fast to fill in for his missing staff.

Pain Points

Competitive Audit

StaffDNA IntelyCare JobStack
Medical professionals only
Verified credentials
Flat-fee payment
Instant booking


The first round of wireframes was based only on the list view of Professionals, and the map view was added later. The search process was also streamlined considerably after receiving feedback from the usability studies.
Digital wireframes

Usability Study Findings 

I conducted two rounds of usability studies with medical professionals and healthcare managers. Findings from the first study helped guide the designs from wireframes to mockups. The second study used a high-fidelity prototype and revealed what aspects of the mockups needed refining. 
Round 1
  • Users want to view results on a map
  • Users want at-a-glance reviews
Round 2
  • Users wanted to go live at unscheduled times

Brand Guidelines

The blue hues were selected as they are familiar to medical professionals, while the yellow accent was chosen to mimic the color of a highlighter. 


Instant Matching
Medical professionals are altered as soon as jobs are posted, and they can match in real-time.
Performance Achievements
Professionals achieve awards based on high ratings, punctuality, and intelligence.
Verified locations and professionals
All credentials including business and medical licenses, identity, and education have been verified.
quick and easy payment
Institutions can pay for assignments quickly and Professionals can get paid instantly after completing short-term assignments or weekly for longer-term jobs.
Flexible scheduling
Find a Professional right now or schedule them for later. Set your own schedule of availability or go live whenever you want to search for a job instantly.


Designing Staffast taught me a valuable lesson in user flow because it required two different pathways from unique entry points to converge to the mutual benefit of both parties. Like many of my other projects, I was asked to streamline a complex process to make the user experience as fast and easy as possible. Working with medical professionals was interesting because they gave very detailed feedback that was remarkably consistent with all users researched. Check out the demo.

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